Panda and her pups sired by Paco, born 11/26/2017.  Today (2/23/18), they are 89 days old - which is 12 weeks and 5 days (approx. 3 months).
Below you will find pictures of her black & white male and her merle female.  Both are longcoats.  They have had all their shots, potty on the grass and eat solid food.  THEY ARE BOTH RIP-ROARING LITTLE PERFORMING MONKEYS AND  THEIR PERSONALITIES ARE VERY OUTGOING, PLAYFUL AND SUPER LOVABLE!
(The white female is sold)
Today, 2/23/18, the black & white male weighed 2.5 pounds.  He is very, very small and he is now over 3 months old.  BOY, BOY, BOY, WHAT A BOOMING PERSONALITY.   He runs, tumbles, jumps, plays with toys and continually entertains us with his antics and keeps us laughing.  On a scale of 1-10, his confirmation is about a 50.  We  purposefully waited until he was past 12 weeks old before offering him for sale.  We wanted to make sure he was perfect in every way and that his health was the best.    

He is ranch raised and comes from the oldest AKC Chihuahua kennel in the U.S.   We ship our pups out of DFW  airport, Dallas.  We welcome you to come to our kennel, or we will meet you half way if you live in Texas or neighboring states.  Call if you are interested in this beautiful little fellow.   He is $1,750.00.  We are available at 903-848-8201.  We can also provide you with a short movie clip of him playing with his sister.  

Say goodnight everybody!