Jo-Jo and her male and female pups sired by Zorro, born 3/5/24.  They are AKC registered and are super high quality.  Both are a dark blue-grey color with all white toes.  The female has a tiny little streak of white on her forehead.  By the time they are ready to leave their mom they will be using the bathroom on the grass exclusively, eating solid food, will have had their first shots, and given internal parasite medications several times.  The mother will probably wean them at 8-9 weeks.  They are priced at $2000 for the male and $2500 for the female.  They will make absolutely beautiful pets.  Call for more information, 903-848-8201.
Lexus and her AKC registered male Chihuahua  sired by Christopher Robin born on 2/29/24.  This is a RARE, RARE, RARE, super colorful chocolate and tan long coat little fellow.  The front of his face is solid white  with blue eyes.  Also his right shoulder is white.  He has white feet and a white tip on his tail.  Very  seldom do we ever have the good luck of having such a beautiful pup such as this one.  In fact, he is the most colorful we've ever had here at our kennel.  He will be potty-trained to the grass, will have had his shots and treated for internal parasites several times.  His mother will wean him around 8 - 9 weeks and he will be ready to come to your home as one of the most colorfully unique and rarest of Chihuahuas.  He is priced at $3500.  Call for more information at 903-848-8201.  SOLD!!!   
Chellie and her six AKC registered pups sired by ZORRO born 3/13/24.  We are one standard sized black long coat male, two toy sized females (one of us is white smooth coat and the other black long coat) and three TINY teacups (two of us are long coat females - silver & blonde and one black smooth coat male).  By the time we are ready to leave our mom, 
all of us will be using the bathroom on the grass exclusively, eating solid food, will have had our first shots, and given internal parasite medications several times.  We are HIGH, HIGH TOP QUALITY and will bring you many years of joy, love, laughter and happiness.  We are ranch raised and come from the oldest Chihuahua Kennel in the U.S. (61 years this past January) and we have brothers and sisters all over the U.S. and some foreign countries.  We can be shipped  from DFW Airport or will meet you half way if you live in Texas or a neighboring state.
I am a black long coat male.  I am standard sized and will mature at approximately 5-6 lbs.   $2,000.
I am a white smooth coat female and my sister is a black long coat little girl.  We are toy sized and will mature at approximately 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 pounds.  $3,000 ea.
We are three TINY, TINY little RARE, real teacups!  The blonde female is a long coat, the silver female is a long coat and the black male is a smooth coat.  We will mature at approximately 2-3 pounds.  Male $5,000 and females $6,000.  
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This is a picture comparing us to our regular, average sized brother and litter mate.  As you can see, he is more than twice as big as we are.  We are healthy, strong, spry, energetic and playful little toots!